🔫Aurora X: Rising Champions

Aurora X: Rising Champions will be a thrilling third-person competitive arena shooter that brings intense action and strategic gameplay to players. Set in a futuristic world where advanced technology and epic battles converge, players take on the role of skilled champions competing against each other in fast-paced matches in the Aurora Arena.

1. Diverse Champion Roster: Aurora X will boast a diverse roster of champions, each with their unique abilities, weapons, and playstyles. From agile assassins to powerful tanks, players can choose their preferred champion and customize their loadout to suit their playstyle.


In the heart of Tokyo's neon-lit streets, there'sa legend that dances amidst the chaos—a whirlwind of vibrant energy known as Starfire. With her wild mane of pink hair trailing behind her, she's not just a champion; she's a force of nature. Born from the intersection of street culture and raw talent, Starfire brings an unpredictable flair to the Aurora Arena. Her style is as flamboyant as her personality, and her mastery of the game is matched only by her sheer audacity.

But what truly sets Starfire apart is her unique ability to ride the currents of battle on her trusty hoverboard. Gliding effortlessly across the arena, she's a blur of motion, weaving between obstacles and raining down destruction on her foes. And when the moment demands it, she unsheathes her razor-sharp sword, cutting through the competition with deadly precision. It's a sight to behold—a whirlwind of pink hair, flashing steel, and blazing neon.

But it's when Starfire unleashes her ultimate ability that the true spectacle begins. With a flick of her wrist, she summons her hoverboard and sword in a dazzling display of skill and showmanship. Riding high above the battlefield, she becomes an unstoppable force, cutting down enemies with lightning-fast strikes and leaving chaos in her wake. Starfire isn't just a competitor, she's a spectacle, a phenomenon, and a force to be reckoned with.


Born amidst the vibrant chaos of Tokyo's bustling streets, Starfire's journey to become a champion began long before she ever set foot in the Aurora Arena. Growing up in the heart of the city, she was a wild spirit, her pink hair a beacon of rebellion against the monotony of everyday life. From an early age, she found solace in the thrill of competition, honing her skills in underground gaming tournaments and street battles.

But it wasn't until she discovered the world of Aurora X that Starfire truly found her calling. Drawn to the intensity of the arena and the promise of fame and glory, she threw herself into the world of competitive gaming with reckless abandon. With her unmatched skill and flamboyant style, she quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a legend in her own right.

For Starfire, the Aurora Arena is more than just a battleground—it's a stage where she can shine brighter than ever before, a place where her wild spirit can run free and her skills can be put to the test. And as she stands ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead, she knows that the only way to truly conquer the competition is to embrace the chaos and let her inner fire burn bright.


In the heart of Germany's techno-savvy landscape, there's a prodigy who's as deadly with code as she is with a bow—Lina, the tech genius of Aurora X: Rising Champions. With her keen intellect and precision, she's not just a champion, she's a master strategist, always several moves ahead of her opponents.

Born amidst the whirring of machines and the hum of digital innovation, Lina brings a unique blend of intellect and skill to the Aurora Arena. Armed with her trusty bow and arrow, she's a sharpshooter like no other, picking off targets with pinpoint accuracy from across the battlefield. But it's her ultimate ability that truly sets her apart—a pair of glasses that grant her unparalleled insight and control over the digital realm.

When Lina dons her glasses, she becomes a technological virtuoso, manipulating the very fabric of the arena to her advantage. With a flick of her wrist, she can hack into enemy defenses, disrupt their communication systems, or even create virtual barriers to protect herself and her allies. It's a sight to behold—a symphony of code and arrows, weaving together in perfect harmony.

Lina isn't just a competitor, she's a maestro of technology and strategy, bending the digital world to her will and leaving her enemies in awe of her prowess.


From the bustling streets of Berlin to the cutting-edge labs of the tech industry, Lina's journey to become a champion was always guided by her insatiable curiosity and boundless intellect. From a young age, she was fascinated by the intersection of technology and strategy, spending countless hours tinkering with gadgets and mastering the art of the game.

But it wasn't until she stumbled upon the world of Aurora X that Lina truly found her calling. Drawn to the challenge of the arena and the promise of pushing the boundaries of technology to their limits, she threw herself into the world of competitive gaming with relentless determination. With her keen intellect and precision, she quickly became a force to be reckoned with, her strategic mind always several steps ahead of her opponents.

For Lina, the Aurora Arena is more than just a stage—it's a proving ground where she can put her skills to the test and push the limits of what's possible. And as she stands ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead, she knows that with her trusty bow and her glasses by her side, there's no obstacle she can't overcome.


In the heartland of the United States, amidst the echoes of valor and bravery, stands a champion like no other—Dexter, the military dog in human form. With his unwavering loyalty and tactical prowess, he's not just a competitor; he's a guardian, ready to defend his team at any cost.

Born from the bonds of loyalty and service, Dexter brings a formidable arsenal to the Aurora Arena. His trusty rocket launcher is a force to be reckoned with, unleashing devastation upon his enemies with each explosive round. But it's not just the firepower that sets Dexter apart—it's the lethal ammunition he carries, designed to pierce through even the toughest defenses with ease.

When the battle heats up and the stakes are at their highest, Dexter's true strength shines through. With a roar of determination, he unleashes his ultimate ability, raining down destruction upon the battlefield with deadly precision. His rocket launcher becomes a weapon of destruction, turning the tide of battle in an instant.

Dexter isn't just a competitor, he's a guardian, a protector, and a symbol of courage. With his rocket launcher in hand and his comrades by his side, he stands ready to face any challenge that comes his way, ready to defend his team and emerge victorious.


From the heartland of America to the front lines of the battlefield, Dexter's journey to become a champion was forged in the fires of duty and honor. Born into a long line of military service, he was bred for greatness from the moment he took his first steps. From a young age, he was trained to be a guardian, his loyalty to his comrades unwavering and his resolve unbreakable.

But it wasn't until he discovered the world of Aurora X that Dexter truly found his calling. Drawn to the intensity of the arena and the promise of defending his team at any cost, he threw himself into the world of competitive gaming with determination. With his trusty rocket launcher in hand and his lethal ammunition at the ready, he quickly became a force to be reckoned with, his presence on the battlefield striking fear into the hearts of his enemies.

For Dexter, the Aurora Arena is more than just a stage—it's a battlefield where he can put his skills to the test and prove himself worthy of his title. And as he stands ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead, he knows that with his comrades by his side, there's no enemy he can't defeat.


In the neon-lit streets of Tokyo, where tradition meets innovation, there walks a figure whose blades sings the song of the modern age—Ryo, the singing blades. As the brother of the flamboyant Starfire, he brings a quiet intensity to the arena, his every movement a testament to the ancient art of the sword.

Born from a lineage steeped in tradition yet tempered by the pulse of the city, Ryo embodies the spirit of the samurai in a world of advanced technology. With his two swords in hand, he moves with grace and precision, cutting down his enemies with unmatched skill. But it's his ultimate ability that truly showcases his mastery of the blade.

When the moment calls for it, Ryo unleashes his ultimate technique—a whirlwind of steel that leaves his foes cut down in pieces. With a swift flourish, he summons the power of his swords, channeling their energy into a devastating onslaught of strikes. Each blow is a testament to his dedication to his craft, a dance of death that leaves no room for doubt.

Ryo isn't just a competitor, he's a living legend, a guardian of tradition in a world of ever-changing technology. With his swords in hand and his spirit unyielding, he stands ready to face any challenge that comes his way, his blades ever-sharp and his resolve unbroken.


Born into a lineage of samurai warriors that stretched back centuries, Ryo's journey to become a champion was steeped in tradition and honor. Raised in the shadow of his ancestors, he was trained from a young age in the art of the sword, his every movement a testament to the discipline and skill of his forefathers.

Ryo's path took an unexpected turn when his sister, Starfire, decided to pursue a career in the competitive gaming world of Aurora X. Concerned for her safety in such a high-stakes environment, Ryo made the decision to join the arena himself, not only to test his own skills but also to stand as her protector.

Drawn to the intensity of the arena and the promise of safeguarding his sister, Ryo threw himself into the world of competitive gaming with determination. With his two swords in hand and his samurai spirit guiding his every move, he quickly became a force to be reckoned with, his mastery of the blade unmatched by any other.

For Ryo, the Aurora Arena became more than just a battleground—it became a stage where he could honor the legacy of his ancestors while ensuring the safety and success of his beloved sister. And as he stands ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead, he knows that with his swords in hand and his spirit unyielding, there's no opponent he can't overcome in order to protect Starfire.

2. Intense Competitive Matches: Engage in heart-pounding competitive matches with players from around the world. Aurora X features various game modes, including team-based objective modes, capture the flag and free-for-all deathmatches. Master your champion's abilities, work together with your team, and outmaneuver your opponents to claim victory.

3. Strategic Gameplay: Aurora X encourages strategic thinking and teamwork. Players must utilize their champion's abilities effectively, coordinate with their team, and adapt to the ever-changing battlefield. Map control, positioning, and communication are crucial elements for success in Aurora X's intense battles.

4. Dynamic Arenas: Experience visually stunning and dynamic arenas that offer a wide range of tactical possibilities. Each arena has its own unique features, interactive elements, and environmental hazards that can be leveraged to gain an advantage or turned against opponents.

5. Progression and Customization: As players compete and achieve victories, they earn experience points and unlock various rewards, such as new champions, skins, weapon modifications, and cosmetic items. Customize your champion's appearance and abilities to stand out on the battlefield and show off your style.

6. Spectator Mode and Esports Support: Aurora X will offer a robust spectator mode, allowing players to watch competitive matches, tournaments, and high-level gameplay. The game also supports esports with dedicated modes, leaderboards, and regular tournaments, providing a platform for aspiring pro players to showcase their skills.


Aurora, 500 years before current events and present consequences

Everything was much simpler before the Eyes held the world in their hypnotic glare. Back then, Aurora was a free world in its infancy and people could decide their own fate… One day, without warning, a loud blast reverberated across the land. The sky was on fire - lit in myriad pearlescent colors that trembled and spun. The people of that day kneeled at the spectacle as if in the presence of a new god. But something much worse happened instead.

The people who lived near the Shivering Lake saw a large black rock blazing and crashing into its waters that billowed above it in dark plumes of smoke and mist. The sky remained dark and clouded for a year. The Lake has been poisoned from that day and any living being who drinks or bathes in its waters gains particular abilities and suffers unpredictable mutations - some beneficial, others not so… The people of Qiln who lived in its vicinity had made it a rite of passage to test the waters and, over the following centuries, their race had transformed. They are currently the ambassadors and the mediators between Aurorans and the moonlings.

The area is currently enclosed, under constant monitoring and severe punishment for trespassing, but there are some daring (and foolish) enough to test their strength and mock their fate by finding ways to enter it.

When the sky cleared, there were five small moons orbiting Aurora when beforehand there had been none. People believed them to be the five eyes of Darmer - one closed, two blinking, and the last two shining like faded suns of embers and blood. Darmer was the mythical creature who lived in the Shivering Lake and muddled its waters and which flew to the heavens when the fragment crashed in the lake.

Where once the night’s sky was dark and filled with sparks, now only the eyes of Darmer watch over the world.

The seven fragments are:

  1. Nix - the closed eye. It was mostly the research facility that was completely fried and now represents space debris. Still, there is a base of insurgents there, alien misfits and humans alike, that gather their forces and watch from its shadows.

  2. Hiver - a frosted jagged world that shines with Balm - pale and surreal, shivering as the Blàrmins perform various experiments there.

  3. Metsu - it lights up at odd moments - it sends signals - a sort of Morse code - to a distant alien species - the Cats - that will arrive in time. A spy of theirs was on X and survived by itself all this time - the Cat Witch.

  4. Kenkshi - soft ember, turned into a remembrance of the star fight. Used by aliens as a prison for those of all species deemed dangerous.

  5. Yarhi - boiling red and uninviting, a fireball that blasts the air around it.

  6. Unknown, wild card that is lost somewhere in the world, perhaps in the jungles with a civilization formed around it as a sacred symbol that gives them strength and visions

  7. The Knife - the fragment that fell into the Shivering Lake which juts out in the middle of it.

A Tale of Two Planets

X was a moon orbiting the binary planetary system (Kyron and Blàr) of a faraway galaxy, a bone of discontent for the peoples and races that depended on its bounty of balm - a rare and mysterious resource that affected and empowered different species in unique ways.

The Kyrs were a warring people, cruel and vicious, who used brute force to make a name for themselves in the galaxy. They exploited the hydrogen and helium of Blàr’s atmosphere (through atmospheric mining), but the planet was too inhospitable for their way of living, its beings considered too defenseless to represent a threat. So, they waged war on planets that were farther away and stretched their forces thin across the various battlefields and conflicts they felt drawn to. As for Balm, it was a concept they couldn’t quite grasp, so they ignored it for a very long time until their relations with the Blàrmins soured.

The Blàrmins lived on the neighboring gaseous planet of Blàr. They were ice-blue beings without sight who could realize themselves into a translucent cloud and reconstruct into their desired shape, although they retained their opalescent blue texture. They relied on balm to sharpen their other senses, to gain thought-reading abilities & steal the technology of other cultures. Thus, over millennia, they gained unimaginable knowledge and skills, forming a guild of spies and assassins, trading in blackmail and information, as well as making numerous enemies. Under their guidance, the black market for Balm flourished and it was strategically given to beings from the galaxy that they wished to ascend into positions of power.

The Blàrmins authoritative influence stretched over the galaxy, always operating in the shadows. Over time, they grew bored and full of themselves, drunk on their own myth so much that they fell victim to hubris.

The Kyrs finally recognised that they had let the Blàrmins’ powers grow unchecked and pursued an investigation into the effects of Balm - it sharpened their battle skills and allowed them to create weapons of unheard-of powers of destruction.They wished to have complete and unquestioned control over X and turned against the Blàrmins, wiping them out during a terrible campaign and turning Blàr into a wasteland where any survivors would have been unable to return.

But, over the many years they had control over X, the Blàrmins had hollowed the moon into a series of tunnels and chambers, a research facility, as well as devised a system through which they could pilot the moon away and steal it. As an additional precautionary measure, they had placed some chosen beings in stasis to populate their new home.

Moon X reached the distant corners of the galaxy, but suffered a malfunction and exploded over the planet of Aurora, its 7 fragments either crashing on its surface or being drawn into Aurora’s orbit.

In a faraway galaxy there was a binary planetary system (Kyron and Blàr) that shared a moon (X) rich in an immaterial resource called Balm. They fought over this resource, Blàr was destroyed, but some Blàrmins survived on X. They had fitted the satellite as a space vessel they could use to search for a new home.

It was knocked out of its orbit and exploded into seven fragments over Aurora, a small and unassuming planet at the edges of the galaxy. Five fragments of it were drawn into Aurora’s orbit and still float around, visible at different moments of the day.

From that moment onwards, the people of Aurora - who were still an agrarian medieval-style society at the time of the explosion - had contact with various types of alien technology, as well as the substance of Balm, which heavily influenced their advancement.


Balm - an immaterial substance that, originally, could only be found on moon X

Blàr - meaning blue

Gefahr - meaning danger in German

Kenkshi - from Japanese - Hoshi means star, Kenka means fight

Metsu - from Japanese - Tenmetsu means blink

Yarhi - from Japanese - Yari means spear, Hi means fire

Technical Specifications

  • Platforms: The game is developed for PC, and possibly consoles

  • Multiplayer: The game supports multiplayer modes, allowing for cooperative and competitive gameplay experiences.

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